Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Monday, 30 August 2010


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Although I am here to stay for a good four months, I couldn't suppress my wanderer self from expressing my first impression of Copenhagen. The first noticeable point is elegance. From the wooden flooring at the airport to helpfulness of a railway employee in directing us everything is presentable and beautiful here.

Damhussoen Lake @ Copenhagen

There is downside too. Costs are sky high even for public transport. So come here with funds and enjoy the city with royal touch. We had to buy bicycles because evidently you cannot do without it if you are staying for long at Copenhagen. The lake near our house was our most favourite spot for evening stroll on bike.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

We visited the nearby seaside on our second day with bike. The breezy weather and sea at our side made it a day for us. The very next day we ventured for the bustling Strøget street right at the heart of the city. It was filled with colours and people. We just walked around and kept noting what we will do when we make an elaborate trip to this part of the city.

Churches of Copenhagen

The national museum building was huge and ancient. We found a bus for our house right in front of the museum and were back to our home in no time. At the fag end of our stay at Copenhagen, in December we finally managed to see the famous Mermaid Statue. It proved to be another hype created by innocent Danes who might not have seen things like The Taj.

Little Mermaid Statue @ Copenhagen

Carlsberg Brewery, dedicated to the Danish founder Carlsen is right in the middle of city and worth a trip. The old process of beer making has been demonstrated and the whole campus is one huge legacy of old times.

Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen

Copenhagen was a serene four months and there was no doubt why it is considered as among the happiest cities in the world. The city is both conservative and inviting, ancient and modern at the same time.