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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Google Maps: Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India
Trip: Bangalore > Shravanbelgola > Chikmagalur > Belur > Halebidu > Bangalore

This time we were more planned than last time. An advance booking at hotel and a bottle of scotch in the car was there before we started. It was a short and eventless ride that we took to the western Karnataka.

View from edge of Yagachi Dam@Chikmagalur

We halted at Belur and then at the edge of Yagachi Dam. The view in front of us was stunning. Lush green grass were followed by wide expanse of dam and beyond that a sort of twister was getting formed. It did not build up but was enough for us to stare for long.

5 points @ Chikmagalur Tourist Map

Settling in luxurious hotel room was needed as we relaxed for the next day. We had two options: Either to go for Shringeri & Agumbe or to explore the riches of Baba Budan Hills visible from Chikmagalur. We chose latter and booked a cab for this. The decision was right as we were met with trecherous road conditions all the way. Our first goal was to climb the highest point of Karnataka - Mullayangiri.

Road to Mullayangiri Peak @ Chikmagalur

Next in line were several view points and waterfalls till we reached the Datta Peeta which was once abode to Baba Budangiri. His grave attracts Hindus and Muslims in equal numbers. Beyond this point the road conditions deteriorates further but then the natural beauty increases in same proportion. A view of twin lakes just before Manikyadhara Waterfalls was exactly what one should expect at this untouched a place.

A peak visible from Manikyadhara Waterfalls@Chikmagalur

We came back to hotel with green memoirs. I had not seen so much of rich natural beauty in one day before. I had to agree with my friends that Chikmagalur can beat even Norway in some respects.

Taj Gateway@Chikmagalur

Last time I visited Chikmagalur, I was with a different set of people and with a different intention. We did visit Shravanbelgola and Halebidu that time.