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Sunday, 24 August 2008


Google Maps: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
Trip: Delhi > Chandigarh > Kasauli > Shimla > Delhi

My cousins from UK were in India - Naveen, Seema and Rishi. We decided to visit Shimla. Its close to Delhi and thanks to its capital status its accessible through a highway. We booked an Innova and decided to drive overnight to the hill station. It was a mistake.

View from the Lift Shaft @ Shimla

I realized later that UK being a small country, people there are not acquainted with long distance overnight travel. Hence we spent the next day dosing around in the hotel room. The room itself was damp and we decided to change next morning.

View from our room, Chota Shimla
The next morning was dedicated to Jakhu Temple. It is at a height and full of monkeys. In the middle of August, it was completely foggy and we had to return without a view from the top although the visit was worth it. We came back and looked for a good hotel. We settled with Woodville Palace. The price at 3000 a day was on a higher side but then my cousins were paying in pounds.

Chadwick Falls @ Shimla

The next day was much better. We decided to go for a Chadwick Falls. Not many have heard of it. One has to go beyond Summer Hill by a vehicle and then walk into dense forest for some 20-25 minutes before the fall is visible. To find something so secluded like a waterfall in a forest so close to bustling Shimla is amazing.

Lower Mall Road, Shimla

We came back before it was evening and spent the rest of time strolling on Mall Road. The next day was planned for Kufri. There we took a horse each and took a big round of the place. There are lots of points in Kufri to see including the yaks on which we took our pictures.

Yak Ride @ Kufri

We tried few restaurants on The Mall during our stay and they were all good. The next morning we left for back home. En route we visited the Rock Garden at Chandigarh. It was raining and we had an excellent time there. We returned to Delhi late in the night. The travel had exhausted my cousins completely and they settled for their respective beds in flash of time.