Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Sunday, 22 April 2007


Google Maps: London, UK
Although the first time I was in London was in the first week of April, it was only by the end of June that I feel I truly explored the city. That was a weekend when Raghunath mama took me around the city on his new Volvo.

We started early morning for Tower of London. It is where the famous Kohinoor diamond is kept among other articles that the Britishers collected during their colonial reign. The establishment and its surrounding is charming enough at the bank of the river Thames. The London Bridge is adjacent to the Tower. We spent the afternoon eating light and sauntering around the place.

Started in the noon, we reached Trafalger Square in no time. The place was suppose to open up with a large ground in from of the British National Library. Instead there was a giant structure temporarily built resembling the Jagannath Temple of Puri, India. Free food was being served to an enormous crowd, mostly Indians, gathered at the Square.

We ate Indian food quite delightfully and then moved on to a nearby park. Later on we visited Buckingham Palace and clicked few photographs.